High-Capacity Tanks

The two tank compartments are split 60/40. Model 2800 has a total capacity of 280 bushels (112 front/168 rear), while the 3350 holds up to 335 bushels of material (135 front, 200 rear) between both tanks.

Convenient Refilling

An optional 10-inch fill auger offers quick, convenient refilling.

Wireless Blockage Monitors

The optional relative flow monitors available on all Concord seeders are provided by Intelligent Ag Solutions, an industry leader in flow monitoring technology. The in-line sensors use acoustics to not only tell if seed and/or fertilizer is flowing to each shank or row unit, but also if the material is flowing at the target rate. This highly reliable wireless system is designed to work in dusty, harsh working conditions and helps ensure consistent application rates throughout the field. It can also help prevent disastrous results by identifying hidden blockages anywhere in the system. An iPad is used to display real-time flow monitoring in the cab and alert the operator of any potential issues.

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