ZoneRight™ Meter Modules

Concord's poly ZoneRight meter modules offer a simple, practical and highly efficient design for metering seed in carts equipped with optional section control. The individual electric-driven meters start and stop material flow to the airstream when needed, rather than using gate shutoffs, to eliminate dumping of material when sections are turned on and off. ZoneRight electric meter modules feature smart technology to help prevent jamming and deliver precise material flow to each section. They also allow operators to easily modify material delivery from the three tank compartments for single or dual airstream applications.

Easy Access

The doors on the ZoneRight meter system open by simply flipping the side handle, and no tools are required for swapping airstreams. The meter dump also requires no tools to access. Just flip a handle to access the system when emptying tanks or performing calibration. A remote calibration keypad further simplifies this process, allowing the operator to enter data while at the meters, instead of returning to the virtual terminal in the tractor cab.

Maximum Versatility

Low volume or high volume, one product or three products, Concord carts offer great versatility. Easily swap out different modules or seed rollers for low or high volume product under any of the three separate tank compartments, allowing one, two or three different products to be applied at the same time.

Single or Dual Airstream

Choose between single or dual airstream. Two airstreams can be used to deliver product from any combination of the compartments to different locations on the machine.

Tow-Between or Tow-Behind

The cart can be used in front of or behind the seeding implement.

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