Precision Shank Drill

The Precision Shank Drill is the market’s first row unit with a shank. The simple row unit design allows the drill to operate at higher speeds than typical shank drills.

Disc Drill SD Opener (Single Disc)

Designed to work quickly and deliver unmatched accuracy for fertilizer placement, the Disc Drill SD with single-disc openers helps hit that perfect window of timing for seeding cereal crops and soybeans.

Disc Drill HD Opener (Double Disc)

The Disc Drill HD features the field-proven Heads-Up Opener. No other double disc drill provides the same ground following capabilities, making it ideal for use on terraced ground.

NT30 Disc Drill

The Concord NT30 Disc Drill offers a large central-fill tank capacity with maximum air flow, simplified calibration and clean-out...all with a narrow transport width. It's also offered with your choice of two openers, whether you need the excellent ground-following of our HD model or the fertilizer banding capabilities of the SD model.

Air Till Drill

The modern equivalent of the original Concord® air drill, the Air Till Drill can handle extreme residue conditions while offering a high level of fertilizer placement flexibility.

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The Concord name pioneered the air seeder market starting in 1977. Today, the Concord brand is part of the Väderstad group. The company now known as Väderstad Inc., will continue to innovate and provide the high-quality products and levels of service and support that the Concord, Wil-Rich and Wishek brands have been known for in the quest to be the world's leading partner for an outstanding emergence.

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