Precise Down Pressure

Hydraulic cylinders provide down pressure from the toolbar. The pressure is constant throughout the entire range of cylinder travel and is controlled by the operator on the go. A display on the down pressure control box allows the operator to monitor down force on the toolbars.

Quick Depth Adjustment

Making quick, precise depth adjustments on the Disc Drill SD is easy. Simply add or remove stop collars on the hydraulic cylinders of the frame wheels to decrease or increase seeding depth in quarter-inch increments. This convenient feature saves time by eliminating the need to adjust each opener independently. It also helps ensure operators dial in the ideal seeding depth, rather than settling for a depth that is "good enough."

Ideal Seedbed

Unlike competitive disc drills, which simply cut a slot in the ground, Concord's disc openers are designed to move more soil when creating a furrow. This results in a warmer, blacker seedbed for improved seed-to-soil contact versus other systems that tend to leave a lot of residue in the seedbed.

Uniform Packing

The wide packer tires are not only ideal for maintaining consistent seeding depth, but they are also excellent at re-leveling and firming the seedbed as the drill travels.

Accurate Flow Monitoring

Optional blockage monitors detect relative flow of seed and/or fertilizer to each opener. This means the technology not only shows you whether or not material is flowing, but it also alerts you if the flow is less than your target rate.

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