Troy Uglem

Northwood, ND

"It's nice to have machinery where you're not having to fix or maintain every morning. You just get in the tractor and take off." (ST Disc Drill)

"Our planting season window is so short you have to be setup with equipment like this so when the conditions are right you can plant." (ST Disc Drill)

"When you have even emergence, it gives your plant the best chance to get the best yield." (ST Disc Drill)

"I think we have one of the better stands in the area as far as even emergence. Also, with the spacing of the drill I think we canopy a little quicker than some of the wider spacings." (ST Disc Drill)


Brandon and David Bush

“It’s the best drill I’ve ever been around as far as seed placement and uniformity without disturbing the soil so much. Seed to soil contact is really good with this machine.”  (ST Disc Drill)


Westhope, ND

“We had already run a Concord and knew what we were getting. The packer tires run well without any trouble. It’s a very maintenance-free drill.”  (Air Till Drill)

The air delivery system works very well. It’s easy to calibrate. And the stainless steel tank cleans out nicely. Other than some zerks around the meters, there’s no maintenance.”  (Air Cart Model 5250)

Chad Duchscher

Rugby, ND

“The Concord has minimal moving parts. It’s basically a trouble-free machine. We have a 50-foot drill that we can run 8 or 9 mph. I’ve seeded 500 acres of soybeans in a day.”  (ST Disc Drill)

Gary Wagner

Crookston, MN

We’re able to dial in down pressure right from the cab based on field conditions. Based on how we see the drill reacting, we can modify pressure from the cab very easily to get the best seedbed possible.”  (ST Disc Drill)

Josh Sullivan

Lawton, OK

“The best thing about the drill is the speed you can go. We’ll run 11 to 13 mph. You can have a small piece of equipment do the same job as a larger piece.” (NT30 Disc Drill)



The Concord name pioneered the air seeder market starting in 1977. Today, the Concord brand is part of the Väderstad group. The company now known as Väderstad Inc., will continue to innovate and provide the high-quality products and levels of service and support that the Concord, Wil-Rich and Wishek brands have been known for in the quest to be the world's leading partner for an outstanding emergence.

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